Saturday, June 6, 2009

Social Media Mayhem

Once upon a time, a girl I know had just moved to a new city and didn’t know a soul. She was single and ready to date. Many of her girl friends were experimenting with online dating sites, but she was reticent to try because she was afraid someone would recognize her picture and laugh at her. A friend suggested that she get her feet wet with an anonymous site like Craigslist, just to see if it would be worth making the leap into or eharmony. So, this girl I knew did it. She wrote a hilarious profile and put it up. She set up a free email account just for this experiment, so she couldn’t be traced. And she got tons of emails from tons of guys. She traded pictures with some, exchanged messages back and forth, and began to narrow the pool. It was fun, much more fun than she expected, and it was a great diversion as she got to know the new city.
Finally, she had communicated with one Craigslist fellow for long enough that the move to phone calls was in order. They began to talk, and she began to think that this guy, B, might be pretty cool. They made a date for dinner. He got lost on the way to pick her up but showed up with a bouquet of flowers so she excused his tardiness. After dinner, they decided to have a drink. Driving around, this girl I know began to wonder why a police officer was following them so closely. She asked B if his tag was expired (having been familiar with that state of affairs), and he said no. He made a left turn, then a right, and the police car stayed right there. After a moment, the lights and sirens went on. They pulled over. Another police car pulled up. Then another.
So of course this girl I knew was freaking out, while B was being questioned and handcuffed and searched. One of the cops came around to the passenger side and said, “He told me this is your first date. He hasn’t done anything really wrong. He has an outstanding warrant for a traffic violation.” She laughed and shook her head. She asked if she could leave. Officer Cop said, “Well, we’re taking him to jail. Can you drive his car home?”
Needless to say, she never saw him again. But she still started a social media business. Goes to show you – the harder you work to control an outcome, the less likely it is that you will control it. And don’t go on blind dates, dude.

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