Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thrifty Thursday: Recycle to Save Money

When you are self-employed, you are poor. Whether or not you have money in the bank, you have to live like a hobo, because there's no telling if you'll get a check between now and Christmas. If you, like me, have a healthy methamshopamine habit, you'll understand my almost involuntary desire for something new. [Note: much of my "something new" for the last few months came from thrift stores, so please, no anti-consumerist ranting - don't think I've been out shaking down Saks.] Lucky for us both, the recovery process for this addiction can be completed in three steps, rather than twelve.

Step One: Cut Some Sh*t Up

Take an old dress. Cut off the too-tight bodice. Revel in your new strapless dress/skirt.

Step Two: Ghetto-Rig Your Broken Jewelry

Get some thin wire. Wrap it around the broken parts. Hide said broken parts under your hair. Slap on a gaudy pin. Presto: one-of-a-kind bauble delight.

Step Three: Glorify an Old Mess

Take an ugly old blazer that miraculously still fits you. Conceive of a design in your mind's eye, and begin to create it with safety pins. Realize that you are pinning a different design; adjust accordingly. Run out of safety pins. Hope for the best.

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